Optimas Tandem Curb Clamp sold by Pave Tool for picking up slabs in the hardscaping industry with a two man handle
Optimas Two man handle slab clamp to pick up hardscaping block

Tandem Slab Clamp

Item# 47098

Regular price $855.95 USD

Dual Handle for tight spaces and great for leverage. 

Technical Data:

  • Gripping Range: 20 - 43"
  • Weight: 24lbs
  • Lifting Capacity: 330
Clamp Item# Adjusts Machine/Hand Latching Clamp Weight Weight Rating
Slab NT1027 10"-24.5" Machine/ Hand Manual-Latching 11 Pounds 200 Pounds
Large Slab NT041 17"-43" Machine/ Hand Auto-Locking / Manual Release 38 Pounds 480 Pounds
Tandem Slab Clamp 47098 20"-43" Machine/Hand Manual-Latching 24 Pounds 330 Pounds
     Handles for Slab & Large Slab
                    Ergo Assist NT043 15 Pounds 240 Pounds
                      Ergo XL NT086 Machine/ Hand 27 Pounds 350 Pounds
             Ergo Assist Adapter NT060