Weber MT Compaction Equipment

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Weber MT is an industry leader in paver compactor and soil compactor machines and equipment. These rammers, forward plate compactors, reversible plate compactors, and slab roller compactors speed up soil and paver work for hardscaping projects. When it comes to laying pavers, paver compaction machinery vibrates the pavers into the ground, setting them and helping to ensure uniformity in the installation.


Weber MT Collection

Our Weber MT hardscaping equipment collection includes a wide range of walk behind hydraulic control compactor machines, reversible soil compactors, paver compactors, slab rolling compactors, and gas-powered rammers.

Weber MT also offers COMPATROL, the first continuous compaction control system. The system can read and direct the vibration of the compactor's base plate according to soil conditions. These results are displayed to the user and let you know when optimal compaction has been achieved.

For pavers, it's important to use a compactor that is specifically designed for said application. Weber's MT line of paver compactors provide the power and precision needed to ensure proper compaction for your next project. To get started on your paver project, reach out to the compaction equipment experts at Pave Tool Innovators.

Weber MT Compaction FAQ:


COMPATROL is an automation system for continuous compaction systems. It can determine when soil is compacted properly for a given operation. This removes the guesswork from compacting the soil.

What kind of compactor do I need for pavers?

When choosing a compactor for pavers, there are three options. Forward plate compactors, reversible plates, and paver rolling compactors. If compacting large slabs the only option is a slab rolling compactor, designed not to crack or break the stones, but still effective enough to set your slabs for a smooth surface as well as vibrate the sand into the joints. Compacting regular-size pavers with all options with a compaction force of 4,000 lbs. or more is an appropriate fit. And with any plate compactor, you are going to want to get a Poly Pad to protect the pavers from scratching.