Love our accessories and want your contractor to use them?  Are you a DIYer and want your job to look professional and use what the professionals use?  Our tools are invented by one of the top hardscape companies in New England.    

What is Hardscape DIY? 

Hardscape DIY is the process of building or renovating hardscapes, such as driveways, patios, and walkways, on your own. This DIY approach is growing in popularity due to the wide variety of design options, the affordability of materials, and the potential to save time and money on installation. Hardscape DIY allows you to get creative and design the hardscape of your dreams, while also giving you the chance to do the job yourself, giving you the satisfaction of completing a project you can be proud of. 

To know where to begin, you have to consider what hardscape designs you want to work on. If you’re looking to start a driveway hardscaping project, you may want to consider  Quick-E-Hybrid HD Edging Restraints. A Quick-E-Wall Screed can help you create retaining walls, while a full screed paver package will keep you from ever screeding on your knees again. For DIY marking tools, a paver lifting tool, or whatever other DIY hardscape tool you need, view our full collection of hardscaping tools

Your backyard hardscape ideas can be endless with our wide range of tools. Whether you’re looking for beginner hardscape ideas or are ready for more advanced hardscape ideas, we work hard to offer any paver tools you need to make your wildest dreams come true. 

Hardscaping DIY means creating those hard design elements on your own. To do that, you need the best tools of the trade. Whether you need a specialized rubber mallet or tools to pick up and lay heavy tiles, we have it all. At Pave Tool we pride ourselves on the quality that lasts and design that propels your hardscaping project to the next level.   

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Q: How do I start hardscaping?

A: If you’re looking to start a hardscaping business, you must have a plan. Having the right tools and know-how is excellent, but you need to know how to run a business as well, and you need all the experience that goes with the business. Without the right tools, knowledge to run a business and experience, you’d be left in the dust.

Q: Does hardscape increase home value?

A: Just like renovation and beautification projects add value to a home, hardscaping can do the same. However, not every project will add value. Just like some kinds of custom work can detract from a home’s value, so too can some hardscaping. Projects such as patios, decking, outdoor kitchens, fences, outdoor lighting, and beautiful fire pits can certainly increase the value of your home.