Block Splitters

Developed for everyday hardscaping professionals, block splitters provide a much easier way to speed up your block paving installation while making the process more efficient. Instead of having to cut the stone itself or score it and hope that it breaks at the right location, you can use a paver cutter, paving stone splitter, or other block splitter to get a better cut every time. Using the right type of block splitter will give you a clean split, including slab cutters for a wide, thin paving stone splitter, or a wall splitter for significantly thicker material.

Precise Block Splitting Equipment

If you're wondering how to use block splitters, you're not alone. Block splitters are a great option when you want to show off your aggregate. To get a clean, precise break with a block splitter, start by selecting the right tool. Though many jobs will let you use a single tool, especially wide or thick material may need a specialized block splitter. Measure and mark the cut, then position the mark directly under the block splitter's blade. If using a hand-powered tool, use even pressure throughout the process once the split has started. If you're ready to find the right tool for your project, get in touch with Pave Tool today, and we'll help you find the perfect tool for your project.

Block Splitter FAQs

What are common mistakes to avoid when using block splitters?

The most common mistake is choosing the wrong splitter for the job. First, determine the type of stone you are working with and then pick the appropriate splitter. Some splitter blades are designed for natural stone and some are designed for manufactured pavers and blocks. Another mistake made is not aligning the blade to come down on the product evenly, some splitters have an adjustment on both sides. It is key to get these at the same height putting even splitting pressure across the material. Other hardscaping mistakes include not marking your cut, giving you inconsistent results, and using the wrong equipment for the job, causing damage to the block splitter.

How can I use block splitters effectively for cutting and shaping paving stones?

To get the best results in splitting your paving stones, you'll want to cut across the height of the paving stone. Marking your cut makes it easier to get the right cut the first time without a lot of monkey work. Use the right block splitter for the job for the best results.

What material can block splitters cut?

To get the best cuts from your block-splitting equipment, you'll want to stick to the material that it is meant to cut, which includes cement and concrete materials such as paving stones, concrete blocks, retaining stone blocks, and pavers meant to deal with heavier loads regularly. With that in mind, it’s important to note that some splitters are designed to cut natural stone like granite, while some are not.