Our Story...

It is our mission to provide contractors with unique innovative tools and systems to safely assist companies with advanced cutting edge technology to increase profitability.

Built by Experience

In 1985 my brother Tom finished his degree in landscape design and convinced myself and my two brothers to start a business together. At 15 years old, this was a dream come true for me. We called ourselves the Bahler Brothers. (How original) All four of us were single and we didn't need to make a lot of money, so we had nothing to lose.

Soon, one by one we married and had children. Now we needed to get serious! We spent countless hours evaluating our business for strengths and weaknesses. We hired professionals like Vander Koi to help us be more profitable.

In the late 80's, we decided to make hardscaping the focus of our business which was challenging due to the fact that most homeowners didn't even know what pavers were.

Soon, we were challenged again, because we now had competition. How do we install faster and be more competitive? This was the beginning of our Pave Tool products. Many of the tools helped us become 2-3 times faster. Tools + efficiencies = Greater Productivity. Not to mention easier! Bahler Brothers has grown dramatically since 1985. We've learned a lot the hard way.

Bahler Brothers Inc, Crew, Hardscape crew, Landscaping Crew, Research and Development Team

In 2007, we decided (with the help of a large innovative paver manufacturer) that we would offer this tool line to our fellow hardscapers. What do hardscapers need? First we need quality. Tools need to withstand the weather and rigorous use. I also wanted adjustability. I appreciate tools that have multiple uses and can adjust to fit a wide variety of materials. Also, I want the tools to be easy to use. Time is money, so I can't be bothered with endless hours trying to figure out how to use a tool. Lastly, I've learned over time that the only way I can continue to be an installer is to have the proper tools to save my body.

Our wish is to help other fellow hardscapers advance their businesses to save time, increase profits, satisfy their employees, reduce physical strain, decrease workers comp. claims and to become more professional. After all, this is what tools have done for us.

It's a great way to make a living if you enjoy hard work, and love to receive satisfaction from what you can create with your hands. If you incorporate into your business plan honesty, integrity, hard work, tools and systems you will be successful.

Pave Tool continues to strive to provide tools and services that exceeds your expectations. We extend our family values of hard work and integrity in all that we do. We look forward to adding you to our Pave Tool Family!

-Phil Bahler