Edge Restraint

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Quick-E-Hybrid HD Edging Paver Edge Restraint

Open Grade/Permeable * Dense Grade * Landscape

When you chose Pave Tool, you are choosing a company that has been in the hardscaping industry for over 35 years who understands the market needs to reduce the uplift on edging during the freeze and thaw cycles. With our paver edge restraint, you can rely on your edging to stay in place. No customer call backs and an easy install with no messy concrete or hassle like other paver edge restraints. For more information on our stone paver edging, contact us today!

our BRAND NEW Quick E-Hybrid HD Edging - In Stock NOW!

Rated for Vehicular Traffic - Perfect for Driveway Applications

  • Made of Aluminum
  • 6.66' Lengths
  • Easy to cut & form around Curves
  • Reinforced Tabs for Stability

Open Grade/Permeable Application

          Use with the Quick-E-Hybrid Stake (sold separately)

  • No More Mixing Concrete
  • No More Geo-Grid
  • No More heavy curbing

Hammer in Quick-E-Hybrid Stake every other or every third slot (use with the Quick-E-Hammer for ease of installation).  Sold Separately

Dense Grade Application

          Use with a standard 10" non-galvanized flat head landscape spike installed at the 60-degree angle to prevent uplift.  (use with the Quick-E-Hammer for ease of installation).  Sold Separately

 Landscape Application

           Use with standard 10" non-galvanized flat head landscape spike installed at the 60° angle to prevent uplift.  Eliminate uplifting black edging with our paver edge restraints!  (use with the Quick-E-Hammer for ease of installation).  Sold Separately

Driveway Application

           For a driveway application use the flip up tab tool (included) for stabilization and follow the Open Grade/Permeable application or dense grade application instructions above.