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At Pave Tool Innovators, we’re your number one provider for hardscaping equipment, tools, and machinery, making your next project that much easier. We offer the best tools that help with every step of the hardscaping process—from carrying and compacting to restraining and more! For more information on the hardscaping equipment we supply, get in touch with us  today.

Pave Tool's Official Partnerships

Pave Tool Innovators is proud to offer industry leading tools and equipment to make your next hardscape project a breeze.

EASY Joint

EASYJoint is the original sweep-in jointing compound and still the best, truly "All Weather Paving Joint Compound".

iQ Power Tools - Dustless

At iQ, they build clean-cut concrete and masonry power tools that eliminate dust. Eliminate dust from your job site to be smart, save time, save money, and most importantly, save lives.


The Leading German manufacturer produces heavy-duty, commercial hardscaping equipment, such as their Paver Laying Machines and Tools for the Hardscaping Industry. 

Weber Compaction

Weber MT GmbH is a leading German manufacturer and the specialist of walk-behind compactors, rollers, and rammers.


The No Calibration Level that connects by Bluetooth to any smart device to generate graphs and charts!


Replaces Rotary Lasers as the World's Fastest, Easiest, most Powerful, Precise and Only Pressurized Bubble Free Level.

Quick-E-HD Hybrid Edging - 3 Problems / 1 Solution

Permeable Application

Designed to Retain Permeable Pavers. For Permeable, Open Grade & Hybrid Base Applications.  Use a 2 x 2 wedge shaped stake into a clean base for no lateral shift!  (Use the Quick-E-Hammer for fast and a no wrist stress installation)


Landscape Application

Designed for a clean and defined edge between your lawn and flower beds or gardens, the stitching technology eliminates uplift. No more ugly black edging that lifts and pushes up.  


Dense Grade Application

Designed to prevent uplift using spikes on 60 degree apposing angels that sow into the soil in dense grade applications. (Use the Quick-E-Hammer for fast and a no wrist stress installation)


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