We Take the "Hard" out of Hardscaping!

For the Hardscape heros

Hardscape Tools for the Hardscape Industry.  Pave Tool sells Hardscape Tools for Pavers & Walls.  Our Tool Line is MADE IN AMERICA!  

Pave Tool's Official Partnerships

Halder Mallets/Picard Hammers

Picard is the finest quality forged striking tools found anywhere in the world. Also see SIMPLEX soft-face mallets with cast steel housing and high-quality wooden handles.

Weber Compaction

Weber MT GmbH is a leading German manufacturer and the specialist of walk-behind compactors.

iQ Power Tools - Dustless

At iQ they build clean-cut concrete and masonry power tools that eliminate dust. And eliminating dust from your job site is smart: it saves time. It saves money. It saves lives.

Product Debutes

HNA 2018

Come and See Us in Louisville KY this October! 

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