Clamps - Wall, Paver & Slab

Lifting clamps are an essential tool for many hardscapers, providing a secure way to safely lift and move heavy slabs of various material. Used in a variety of applications, these clamps allow for efficient and safe transportation of materials without the use of additional workers.

Clamp Product Collection

Our product line of lifting clamps can be utilized in multiple ways to accommodate your specific needs when hardscaping, which includes wall construction and paver or slab installation. We have all the necessary clamps that you need to get the job done right. Whether you are doing paver work for a fireplace or looking to keep your pavers level, we have hardscaping tools & equipment that can assist you in achieving these results.

From adjustable paver clamps and granite slab moving equipment to hand lift tools for retaining wall blocks, we have you covered! One of the most important items you will need when getting ready to start your paving project is clamps. And it can be confusing knowing which one you should choose, especially since there are so many varieties on the market, and they all come with their own benefits.

Block Clamp FAQs:

What is a block clamp?

A block clamp is a useful hardscaping tool that can help you lift large blocks or slabs. Simply attach the clamp to the retaining wall blocks and use the handle to apply force while lifting. This can make it much easier to move or place these items without the need for heavy equipment. If you're looking for stone lifting equipment, then look no further than a block clamp from PaveTool!

How much weight can the clamps support?

Our block clamps are made for residential and commercial needs, with a max weight capacity of 3000 pounds.