Smart Level sold by Pave Tool Atimeter with no gas line
Smart Level

Smart Level

Item# NT088

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One TOUGH Level

Auto zero - Sets your reference to any point you set the display

Flexible Increments - Reads in feet, inches, fractions, tenths, centimeters

Range - Pick a margin of error and LED lets you know when out of range

Bluetooth to iPhone devices - View reading in real time or store data for later.  Allows remote control of lifting equipment and monitoring equipment.  Generate graphs & charts on your laptop or smart device in real time. 

**Androids devices will be available for compatibility Spring 2021

Powerful - Programmable MCU allows customizing functions & Apps for industrial applications

Compass & Angle Indicator - for referencing locations

Backlight Display - For reading in dark and dim conditions

Fast Settling Algorithm - For very quick accurate readings

Anti-Theft Protection - No one else can use your level without your permission.  If stolen the level will tell you its location


Works in difficult Spots - No Clear line of Sight needed.  Works around corners behind obstructions.

Accurate Readings - Measurements immediately.  No elaborate setup to start or complicated breakdown when finished.  Typical accuracy +/- .1, (1/10) inch. 

In Business since 1996 

Reads 30 Vertical Feet - 100ft tubing = 200 ft working area