Smart Level sold by Pave Tool Atimeter with no gas line
Smart Level
Smart Level

Smart Level

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One TOUGH Level - See Below for Videos & Smart Level Updates

Auto zero - Sets your reference to any point you set the display

Flexible Increments - Reads in feet, inches, fractions, tenths, centimeters

Range - Pick a margin of error and LED lets you know when out of range

View reading in real time or store data for later.  Allows remote control of lifting equipment and monitoring equipment.  Generate graphs & charts on your laptop or smart device in real time. 

Powerful - Programmable MCU allows customizing functions & Apps for industrial applications

Compass & Angle Indicator - for referencing locations

Backlight Display - For reading in dark and dim conditions

Fast Settling Algorithm - For very quick accurate readings

Anti-Theft Protection - No one else can use your level without your permission.  If stolen the level will tell you its location


Works in difficult Spots - No Clear line of Sight needed.  Works around corners behind obstructions.

Accurate Readings - Measurements immediately.  No elaborate setup to start or complicated breakdown when finished.  Typical accuracy +/- .1, (1/10) inch. 

In Business since 1996 

Reads 30 Vertical Feet - 100ft tubing = 200 ft working area

Make sure you’re using your Smart Level to the fullest! 

If you have any questions please feel free to respond to this email, we are always more than happy to assist.

Newest App ‎Smart Leveler on the App Store (   Android: Smart Level - Apps on Google Play (Android now includes Image Mapping, 3D Terrain Mapping not yet available)