EASYJoint fills paver joints while utilizing water
EASYJoint Sand is a all weather paving joint compound
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EASYJoint is a great joint filler that allows the work to be done standing up and no more kneeling
EASYJoint, Sand is the Paver Sand that loves water and prepares a strong joint that stands the test of time
EASYJoint, sold by Pave Tool is a Permeable or Paver Sand that is applied wet and is better than traditional jointing methods.
Easy Joint Compound

Easy Joint Compound


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EASYJoint, Making Life EASY

easy joint

The original sweep-in jointing Compound and still the best truly "All Weather Paving Joint Compound" available and made in the UK.

***Pallet Shipments do not include Lift Gate, it will need to be requested**


Easy Joint Facts:

Easy Joint can be installed wet in temperatures above 37.4 degrees.

Easy Joint can be pressure washed - Use Fan Tip Nozzle and keep at least 6" away

You can seal the pavers before applying Easy Joint but Not After - Easy Joint is permeable.

We recommend a 3/16 Joint or larger for Easy Joint - Two Quarters width


Calculate Easy Joint Pound for Pound just like your Polymeric Sand.  Easy Joint is 27.56 pounds per bucket or click below and scroll down to calculators:

Calculators:  https://www.azpects.com/products/easy-joint

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