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VPR 450 paver roller - appropriate installation of large slabs and pavers

Industry's foremost manufacturers of large-size slabs and pavers for hardscape projects recommend the use of paver rollers - such as Weber MT's VPR 450.

Walkways, public landscape areas and squares are being designed more and more with large format slabs or precious paving stones.

For professional and gentle installations of these building materials Weber MT offers the perfect solution: the VPR 450 paver roller. This machine was specially designed for the delicate treatment these large paver surfaces demand.

The VPR 450 rolls gently over the material working the polymeric sand into the joints and ensures it fills the joints fully right down to the bedding layer. This prevents the slabs or paving stones from shifting, cracking or chipping. This machine is great for larger slabs and pavers now on the market that are non-tumbled with smooth surfaces, have clean lines or have chambered edges that can sometimes chip or crack easily if using a traditional tamper for final compaction over the pavers.

Sensitive concrete slabs with a relatively low thickness can be gently vibrated and pressed into their bedding and evened out without creating any DUST!

While the VPR 450 is recommended for Large Slabs, Porcelain and Open Grade Base Applications.  

A must-have for any hardscape professional.

Item# Model Engine Wgt./lbs CF/lbs Hz W (in)
105002 VPR 450 GX160 238 1798 100 17
105001 VPR 700 GX160 386 3147 100 26