Quick-E-Large Slab
Quick-E-Large Slab picking a large slab
Quick-E-Large Slab
Quick-E-Large Slab
Quick-E-Large Slab being used with The Quick-E-Ergo Assist

Quick-E-Large Slab

Item# NT041

Regular price $735.95 USD

The Quick-E-Large Slab is a Great manual option for picking Large Slabs with Ease.

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  • Pick up multiple size slabs
  • Self-locking latch
  • Built-in height adjuster to accommodate different slab heights
  • Can be used with the Quick-E-Ergo Assist or with an excavator (sold separately)
  • Helps alleviate back and hand strain
  • Adjust easily from 17" - 43"
  • Holds up to 480lbs.

**If you are going to use the Large Slab with the Quick-E-Ergo Assist, you will need the Ergo Assist Adapter (sold separately)

Note: The slab in the photos/video is 30"x30" Techo-Bloc Travertina

Clamp Item# Adjusts Machine/Hand Latching Clamp Weight Weight Rating
Slab NT1027 10"-24.5" Machine/ Hand Manual-Latching 11 Pounds 200 Pounds
Large Slab NT041 17"-43" Machine/ Hand Auto-Locking / Manual Release 38 Pounds 480 Pounds
Tandem Slab Clamp 47098 20"-43" Machine/Hand Manual-Latching 24 Pounds 330 Pounds
      Handles for Slab & Large Slab
                 Ergo Assist NT043 15 Pounds 240 Pounds
                  Ergo XL NT086 Machine/ Hand 27 Pounds 350 Pounds
          Ergo Assist Adapter NT060