Using the Quick-E-Ergo XL picking up Wet Cast Product. Using the Es Pad Size 12" x 12", Ergo XL, ES Power Pack Suction Equipment, Suction, 2 Man handle, Handle, Manual suction Picking
Quick-E-Ergo XL, Two man Handle, Handle, Ergo XL Dual Handle, Paver Tools, Hardscape Tools, Hardscaping, Tools, Suction Handle, Suction Equipment
Using the Quick-E-Ergo XL with the ES Standard Power Pack, ES Pad Size 12" x 12", ES Toggle Switch, ES Power Pack Insert to Pick Natural Stone using Suction, Suction Pump, suction System, Suction Hardscape tools
Ergo XL Two Man Lift for Suction and Clamps for hardscaping
Quick-E Ergo XL folded up for transportation

Quick-E-Ergo XL

Item# NT0861

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Ease the grueling task of installing heavy blocks & slabs

***This Item is only the Handhold, not a suction equipment package***