Pave Tools Box Kit
Quick-E-Box Kit

Quick-E-Box Kit

Item# NT900

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The Box Kit offers an array of Pave Tools most popular products. 

These tools allow the Hardscaper to set their base and complete the paver process.  From screeding to lifting pavers for quick and easy installation that is a back saver and time saver.  The Box Kit is a great starter kit to any Hardscaper looking to take the "Hard" out of Hardscaping.

Buy the kit and save 10% off of the individual tool regular prices.  NOW INCLUDES FULL SCREEDER PACKAGE FOR BETTER VALUE!

Box Kit includes:

(1) Quick-E-Sand Plow                                   

Quick-E-Sand Plow 

(1) Quick-E-Tracer 


(1) Quick-E-Handle


(1) Quick-E-Wall Screed

Wall Screed in Gravel 

(2) Quick-E-Lifters


(1) Quick-E-Hammer


(1) Quick-E-Gauge 


 (1) Quick-E-Scribes


(1) Quick-E-Screeder Package