Quick-E-Scribe Product
Using the Quick-E-Scribe to scribe in the border for around a fire pit.
Quick-E-Scribes - Wall Cap
Quick-E-Scribe Marking Retaining wall into Natural Boulder
Quick-E-Scribe Marking a Cap into a natural Boulder
Quick-E-Scribe Measuring to insert a Block
Quick-E-Scribe marking out a Block
Quick-E-Scribe Marking a radius
Scribes Spec Sheet


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The Quick-E Scribes (paverscribe) allows you to transfer a cut line from a fixed edge to a paver or retaining wall surface, swiftly and without error.

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  • Transcribes a marking line from any fixed object to a concrete product that needs to be cut in.
  • Mark the properly sized retaining wall block or individual pieces of wall cap to make a perfect radius cap on your curved walls.
  • Lightweight & portable - allows you to trace irregular shapes like natural rocks in order to perfectly incorporate them into a beautiful retaining wall.
  • Quickly and perfectly scribe in a soldier or sailor row when the pavers are going to be against a hard fixed surface.  This allows the pavers to then be cut in place, so the border pavers can simply be dropped into place for a perfect fit.
  • Use to draw radii for fire pits up to a 24" diameter, just like using a drawing compass or a beam compass.
  • Mark angles for perfectly mitered corners. There are 3 angles (90°, 45°, 22.5°) engraved on the inside of one of the arms which can be tightened into place for consistent marking from paver to paver. Just trace the angle.