Quick-E-BL 980, Block Clamp, Step Clamp, Curbing Clamp, BL 980, 980, Clamp
Quick-E-BL 980 for picking step treads and SRW Block
Quick-E-BL 980 used to pick granite step tread, BL-980 block clamp, Clamping tool, hardscape tool, Pave Tool Innovators
Quick-E-BL 980 with I Spacer Insert
Block Clamp BL980 attached to the Boulder Grab in order to pick up large Boulders with an excavator
Quick-E-BL 980 for Steps
Quick-E-BL 980 with no insert
Use the BL-980 with an excavator to lift step treads or retaining wall block easily, BL-980 Block Clamp, Lifting Tool, Hardscape Tool
Quick-E-BL 980 with Wedge Insert
Quick-E-BL 980 Spec Sheet, BL 980, Specs, Directions

Quick-E-BL 980

Item# NT042

Regular price $1,146.95 USD

Pick Wall Block, Step Treads and More with this Multi-functional Block Clamp!  

Move strep treads front to back with minimal effort - Major Labor Savings!  

Quick-E-BL 980 Reinforced Replacement Pads Available. 

Clamp Item# Adjusts Machine/Hand Latching Clamp Weight Weight Rating
BL 3000 NT031 5"-53.5" Machine Self-Locking 200 Pounds 3,000 Pounds
BL 1300 52318 2"-23" Machine Auto-Latching 73 Pounds 1,300 Pounds
BL 980 NT042 0"-38" Machine Manual-Latching 72 Pounds 980 Pounds
     BL 980 Accessories
        Boulder Grab NT042b 0"-38" Machine Manual-Latching 124.5 Pounds 980 Pounds
          I-Spacer NT046 11" Long
            Wedge NT047
BL 850 NT083 0"-16.5" Machine Auto-Latching 55 Pounds 850 Pounds
BL 450 NT021 31"-51" Machine Auto-Latching 42 Pounds 450 Pounds
    BL 450 Accessories
     Multi Block Clamp NT033 Machine Auto-Latching 1,200 Pounds
            Wedge NT047
BL 180 NT022 7"-18" Machine/ Hand Self-Locking 9 Pounds 180 Pounds
BL 100 NT071 3 Adjust. notches Hand Self-Latching 4 Pounds 100 Pounds