Porous, Slabs, Wet Cast, Natural Stone, Compressor Option, Ergo XL, Toggle Switch, Hose, Suction for Hard to Reach Areas
Pave Tool's HV Venturi, Ergo XL, Toggle switch and hose for lifting block for the hardscaping industry
Pave Tool's Ergo XL, Toggle switch and hv venturi for picking up wall block and slabs for non porous and porous solutions for the hardscape industry

ES Manual Package C2

Item# ESC2

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Compressor Assisted Packages

Picks:  Porous Slabs & Natural Stone


  1. ES HV Venturi 
  2. Quick-E-Ergo XL On Backorder ETA- 2/10/2021
  3. ES Toggle Switch

Compressor Required (not included): Recommended 8CFMs & 90 PSI for Maximum Pressure (Some smaller options may work - Give us a call and we can help)

  1. Note:  Pads not included - Click the Pad size below to be redirected to that page

    1. ES Pad Size 12 x 12 On Backorder ETA 2/1/2021
    2. ES Pad Size 16 x 18 
    3. ES Pad Size 12 x 36
    4. ES Pad Size 18 x 36 On Backorder ETA 2/1/2021