No Compressor Needed, Granite, Bluestone, West Cast, Natural Stone, Power Pack, Ergo Assist, Batteries & 1 hour Quick Charge, Toggle Switch, Suction for Hard to Reach Areas, 2 Man Lifter
Suction Equipment manual lift option that picks up to 2400 pounds of granite, bluestone and natural stone
Quick-E Ergo XL folded for transportation
ES manual package B2 showing lifting with suction vertically to pick off of a pallet
Power Pack, ES Power Pack Insert, Quick-E-Ergo XL, ES Toggle Switch, 2 Batteries & 1 hr. quick charger for a suction for a manual lift option

ES Manual Package B2

Item# ESB2

Regular price $5,297.95 USD

The Two-Man option for ease lifting large format slabs and more. 


  1. Power Pack
  2. ES Power Pack Insert
  3. Quick-E-Ergo XL  
  4. ES Toggle Switch
  5. 2 - 20V 6Ah Batteries & 1 Charge Station


  1. Granite
  2. Bluestone
  3. Wet Cast
  4. Natural Stone 
Pad Size Item# Picks Non-Porous
12 x 12 ES006 470 Pounds
16 x 18 ES004 1,200 Pounds
12 x 36 ES005 1,640 Pounds
20 x 28 ES021 2,100 Pounds
18 x 36 ES003 2,400 Pounds
Slim Pad 8 x 18
with Adapter
SP101 350 Pounds