Suction Equipment A1 vs. VMB Machine Package

There are a range of options available on today's market for picking up pavers, with two of the most common being the ES Power Pack and the VMB machines - which help reduce labor and muscle strain. What are the differences between them and which option should you choose? Both suction machines are cordless, and can handle granite, bluestone, wet cast, and natural stone, making them great options for the field. Now that you know a few of the similarities, here are some of the details on each package to help you make the right decision for your hardscape needs.

What is the ES Machine Package A1?

The ES Machine Package A1 includes the ES power pack and ES housing unit, as well as two DeWalt 20V 6AH rechargeable tool batteries and one charging station. It does not include pads, but can be used with a range of pad sizes to meet your needs.

The package can be used for all of the above-listed materials, but it cannot be used with dry cast materials, such as pavers. The pads allow you to handle material from 8x18 with an adapter or 12x12 to 18x36, covering a weight range from 350 to 2,400 pounds.


  • Higher weight capacity for heavier materials
  • Only requires one battery for full power usage
  • Dual-use mounting on machinery or personnel for tight spaces
  • Lifts vertically


  • Higher cost
  • Can't be used with dry cast material
Using a ES Machine Package A1 to lay pavers

What is the VMB Machine Package?

By comparison, the VMB Machine Package includes the Vac Max battery backpack, two DeWalt batteries and two charging stations, a vac mount, one 4' and one 5' vacuum hose, and a Vac Max relief valve. It also does not include pads, but can be used with the same range of sizes as the ES package, but with lower weight limits detailed below.

The VMB machine package provides you with the capability of handling dry cast materials, including manufactured pavers. However, this comes with a significantly lower weight limit, ranging from 135 pounds at 8x18 with adapter or 12x12 to 600 pounds at 18x36 for porous material, and 155 pounds for 8x18 with adapter or 12x12 to 862 pounds at 18x36 for non-porous materials.


  • Lower cost
  • Wider range of materials including dry cast
  • Extra charging station to keep batteries charging
  • Lifts vertically


  • Lower weight range limits materials that can be used
  • Requires both batteries to be used at the same time
VMB Machine Package VMB4 installing a paver

How to Choose the Right Equipment Package for Your Project

Selecting the right paver suction equipment can make a big difference between how quickly and effectively you can finish your hardscape projects. However, the right equipment package will depend on your specific needs, materials, and budget. Reach out to the professionals at Pave Tool to make sure you're making the right selection for your project’s needs. 

Be sure to watch our easy-to-follow guide for picking up pavers with a backpack vacuum for the best job done.