Elite Suction Basic Package
ES Basic Package includes the ES Power Pack, ES Housing Unit, Battery Charger, 20v 6Ah Batteries. This is ideal if you are looking to set large steps with a machine. Just add the Pad, and you're good to go! Works with any ES Pad Size.
A1 Suction Equipment Package With Vertical Lifting Option
Battery Operated Suction Equipment Package in vertical position showing it with bar.
A1 Package lifting horizontally with battery operated suction equipment with no hoses.
Pave Tool ES Machine A1 Package with Avant 528

ES Machine Package A1

Item# ES013

Regular price $5,075.95 USD

The ES Machine Package A1 is the Ideal NO Cord way to pick Natural Products. - Just add your pad size!  


  • 1 - ES Power Pack
  • 1 - ES Housing Unit
  • 2 - 20V 6Ah Batteries & 1 Charge Station


  1. Granite
  2. Bluestone
  3. Wet Cast
  4. Natural Stone 

1 year manufacturer's warranty

Pad Size Item# Picks Non-Porous
12 x 12 ES006 470 Pounds
16 x 18 ES004 1,200 Pounds
12 x 36 ES005 1,640 Pounds
20 x 28 ES021 2,100 Pounds
18 x 36 ES003 2,400 Pounds
Slim Pad 8 x 18
with Adapter
SP101 350 Pounds