Zip Level Pro 2000
Ziplevel Pro-2000
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Ziplevel Pro-2000

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Cut costs, boost profits and join the measurement revolution. Whether you're supplementing or replacing a laser, you can't afford to be without ZIPLEVEL®.

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  • Measure over any distance or elevation on earth, from paper thickness to the height of a mountain - 1/8" standard accuracy or use the High Precision Function to get accuracy within 0.005".
  • Fast, powerful, proven, rugged, reliable, affordable and made in the USA.
  • 100' Cord
  • Includes:
    • Rubber protective boot for the Measurement Module
    • Unipod for measuring without bending (doubles as a 4' vertical calibration standard for the system)
    • Pair of stakes to secure the Base Unit on a hillside.
  • One year parts & labor for mfg defects; 2 year prorated for hydro-pneumatic parts & labor.
  • Works in Range of -22 degrees to 158 degrees

The unit itself does NOT need calibration, The Gas Line every 2-3 years needs to be re-pressurized because it is a gas line. If there is a hole in the cord it Voids the Warranty.

Here is the cost structure to have the Level Re-pressurized:
 ZIPLEVEL PRO-2000 and PRO-2000B:
  • Under one year = no charge
  • 13 through 18 months = $60
  • 19 through 24 months = $120
  • Beyond 24 months = $180
  • Free UPS Ground return shipping after service included

    See all the Powerful Built-in Features below!


    • AUTO-OFF - shuts unit off after four min. without movement or key presses to preserve battery.
    • HOLD - Freezes the display if not in view - also used with other functions.
    • ZERO - Sets display to read zero at a reference - the same as setting the target on a rod.
    • SCALE - For readings in fractional or decimal inches, feet or meters.
    • RES - For faster, less precise rough readings.
    • MARK - Lets you sound leveling or limit tones to supplement the display.
    • RECORD - Gives Average, Minimum or Maximum of any number of readings.
    • CAL - Calibrates accuracy of vertical readings - like calibrating a rod.
    • TEMP - Displays ambient temperature - useful in concrete work or with adhesives.
    • HIGH PRECISION - Allows paper-thin measurements to 0.005" (0.1mm) in HP range.
    • CARRY - Allows unlimited ranges without tabulation or calculation.
    • ELEVATION - For setting readings in sea level elevation at a known survey monument.
    • RECORD DATA - Stores us to 137 readings for later recall.
    • INSPECT/DUMP - View stored data or dump to smart device for tables, profiles, 3D maps or ZIPLOT photos.
    • MONITOR - Logs data on smart devices to monitor levels of tanks, lakes or streams.