Weber MT SRV620 Rammer Tamper, Rammer, Compactor, WeberMT, Weber, Pave Tool Compaction, Jumper, Jumping Jack
WeberMT SRV620 Rammer in Action
Weber SRV 620 Rammer Specification Sheet

Weber SRV 620-11 Rammer

Item# 170250

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SRV 620 Rammer - Durability and longevity  guaranteed

Due to its significantly increased stroke and impact power this rammer compacts even faster and more efficiently. Weber MT has not only increased the impact power, but has also made substantial progress toward operational comfort. A narrow guide bar, an optimized tamping foot and modern engines - all these characteristics ease the operator's work and provide maximum comfort.

    1. Thanks to low hand/arm vibrations the operator can work for a long period of time.
    2. Proven, powerful and rugged tamping system.
    3. Four-stroke gasoline engines with low emissions.
    4. Effective multi-stage air filtration system with cyclone pre-cleaner protects the engine against harmful contaminants.
    5. Tank and inline filters clean the fuel.
    6. Engine is protected against stone impacts.
    7. Bellows are placed at a safe height.
    8. A notched throttle control lever controls the tamping output.
    9. Two year warranty without restrictions
Item# Model Engine Wgt./lbs Blows / Min W (in)
170055 SRE 300 Battery 73 790 5.5
170051 SRV 300 GX35 71 790 5.5
170160 SRV 590-II GXR120 137 700 11
170250 SRV 620-II GXR120 146 700 11
170430 SRV 660-II GXR120 154 700 11