Vacu-Lift H Mini for picking up pavers and slabs with a tubelifter, suction equipment for tight to reach places.  Paired with the Avant mini machine.
The Tubelifter Vacu Lift H Mini is to help reduce the labor shortage to pick up pavers, slabs, treads and more.
Vacu-Lift H Mini to pick multiple block at one time with a weightless motion.

Vacu-Lift H Mini

Item# 55328

Regular price $27,900.00 USD

Install 300 Sq.Ft of Pavers per Hour!  This is ultimate paver lifting machine for tight backyards and hard reach places.  

Weight: 660lbs

Width: 35”wide w/o the orange fan box (41” wide with orange box)

Arm Length: 99.25” (8.25 ft)

Height: 78”

Max Lifting: 310lbs

Dimensions Unfolded:  35” Wide x 110” x 99” H  (41” wide with orange vacuum box)

Dimensions Folded for Transport:  35” Wide 65.75” L x 78.5” H  (41” wide with orange vacuum box)

Hydraulic requirements:  auxiliary circuit that can provide between 6.6 GPM to 26gpm at 1,885-3,045psi

Orange Vacuum Box can be mounted in 4 different positions and can easily be removed for transport or narrow spaces.