Hardscapers Using Vac Max Coupler
Vac Max Coupler that is used to combine Optimas pads to Pave Tool suction equipment
Vac Max Coupler - combines the Optimas VacuPads to Pave Tool's VME and VMB units
Vac Max Coupler to Combine Pads

Vac Max Coupler

Item# VM003

Regular price $89.95 USD

The Vac Max Coupler allows the use of Optimas VacuPads with Pave Tool's Vac Max Backpack options.

A great accessory for our Vac Max 2 man & machine packages (excludes: Ergo XL and Machine Vac Mount)

The Optimas VacuPads allow for flexibility in picking multiple stones at once.

Call for full line of VacuPads or customize your own pad!