Techniseal STICKYSTONE GUN for Hardscaping Project Gun
20.3 oz. STICKYSTONE sausage
STICKSTONE used to add wall tile
Applying Techniseal STICKYSTONE


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STICKYSTONE™ is a professional-grade vertical hardscape adhesive that bonds various construction substrates for beautiful and durable veneer installations. The features include: 

  • Superior initial green strength; resists sagging

  • Great for indoor & outdoor applications on stone, porcelain, wood, and a multitude of substrates

  • Perfect for outdoor kitchens, fire pits, columns, etc.

  • Applies easily with applicator gun

  • Solvent-free, low odor, and low VOC

  • Product type: Adhesive

Surface type: Natural Stone, Concrete Paver, Porcelain Tile, Wood

Coverage power will depend on the dimensions of the application surface. 

Example: A 20.3 oz. sausage covers up to 10-20 sq. ft of veneer.

Disclaimer: Not suitable for bonding polyethylene, polypropylene, Teflon® or nylon substrates. Do not use as a structural glazing adhesive, or for bonding plastics that are sensitive to stress cracking.


Introducing STICKYSTONE™, the revolutionary vertical adhesive solution for all your hardscaping needs. Whether you’re working on a stone wall, brick fireplace, or outdoor patio, STICKYSTONE™ provides a strong and durable bond that holds up in any weather condition. 

Product Features:

 - STICKYSTONE™ adhesive is specially formulated for vertical applications, ensuring your stones stay securely in place.

 - The STICKYSTONE™ gun dispenses the adhesive with precision and control, making it easy to apply on any surface.

 - Ideal for hardscaping projects such as retaining walls, stairs, columns, and more.

 - Provides a long-lasting bond that withstands extreme temperatures and moisture.

 - Easy to use and quick drying, saving you time and effort on your projects.

 - Works on a variety of materials including stone, brick, concrete, and more.

 - Perfect for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts looking for a reliable adhesive solution for their outdoor projects.