Quick-E-Plow Mount Organizer with Tools
Quick-E-Plow Mount Organizer
Quick-E-Plow Mount Organizer on the Bahler Brothers Truck.
Quick-E Plow Mount Organizer with Grill, chairs, coolers and camping equipment, 18Ft of Cargo Storage
Plow Mount Orgainzer, 18FT of Cargo Space, for camping, hardscaping, landscaping and for all other uses including bikes
Plow mount organizer is 18 sq feet of cargo space for any type of equipment including hardscape, landscape, camping, winter and other
Truck With Plow Mount Organizer

Quick-E-Plow Mount Organizer

Item# NT910

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Add an additional 18 sq. Feet of Cargo Space and Load with EASE!

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The Quick-E-Plow Mount Organizer is approximately 18 Sq. Ft of Cargo space.  Ideally for Hardscapers, Landscapers, Campers, Outdoor goers and great for Winter hauling equipment like snow blowers and shovels. 

Exceptional for hauling saws, compressors, wheel barrels, shovels, fishing poles and gear, camping gear including grills, bikes, generators, tables and more...    

Load with Ease

  • Mounts to the same hook up as your plows
  • 650 lb. capacity
  • Fisher Minute Mount
  • Built-in Stand
  • Built-in Ramp
  • 31" W x 82" L x 20" D

Please note that this is for a 1 ton truck or larger.  Some assembly required.

This is a Special Order item.