Quick-E-Paver Popper with Mallet, Paver Extractor, Paver Popper, Paver Remover
Quick-E-Paver Popper to pull Pavers out, Paver Extractor, Paver Remover
Quick-E-Paver Popper w. Extracted Paver, Paver Remover, Paver Extractor
Quick-E-Paver Popper, Paver Remover, Paver Extractor

Quick-E-Paver Popper

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Item Description:

Extracting pavers after they have been installed properly can be a daunting task.

  • Extracts pavers
  • Allows one hand to be free to tap surrounding pavers, initiating the breaking of the interlock bond
  • Adjust from 6" - 24" easily
  • Includes 1 extra set of teeth

There is No Easy Way to Extract Pavers after Sanding & Compaction


1. Polymeric sands work best if hot water is applied to the sand to break down the polymers for easier removal. 

2. For Large Scale Pavers run your cutoff saw between each joint before extracting.  

3.  While applying steady pressure to the Paver Popper taps surrounding pavers with a mallet to break the bond.

4. Make Sure you Watch THIS VIDEO before Extraction!


Quick-E-Paver Popper Replacement Teeth are available.