Optimas Mini screed sold by Pave Tool is a Screeding and leveling tool for hardscaping bases.
The Optimas Mini Screed sold by Pave Tool is a screeding tool for hardscapers for commercial projects

Optimas Mini Screed System

Item# 47100

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Mini Screed - Minimizing manual labor, the Optimas Mini Screed System is the ideal tool to prepare a perfect bedding layer for your pavers.

The stable and well-designed construction permits the perfect leveling of the fine screed (sand, chips or similar substrates) up to a width of  17ft 0.74in (5.2m). This enables you to construct a paver bed in one step that is true to the line in both height and profile.

With its simple operation, high efficiency and comparatively low cost, the Optimas manual screed belongs on every building site. Its bucket shape and pulling points have been designed to enable a light-weight design which does not lift up when screeding. The continuously-adjustable modular design of the manual screed makes it the innovative alternative to the telescope principle, which has never convinced in practice.

The Optimas manual screed with level bars is multi-functional and flexible and can be used for paths, parking spaces and drive entries.

Note: For best results with no sagging or deflection, the recommended screeding width is up to 11ft 5.79in (3,50m).


  • The modular design provides a continuously-adjustable working width of 7.87in to 17ft 0.74in.
  • Articulated side flaps make for clean leveling up to the edge.
  • Leveling via Optimas level bars with plug system or curb or gutter stones.
  • Continuous height adjustment on both sides.
  • “Bucket design” makes for a large holding capacity.
  • Its bucket shape and pulling points have been designed to enable a light-weight design which does not lift up when drawn.
  • Quick and easy change and fitting of various intermediate parts.
  • Hardened and sharpened spring steel blade.
  • Modular design saves space during transport and storage.

Recommended Working width:

7.87in to 11ft 5.79in

0.25m - 3,50m

Set consisting of  5 intermediate parts:

Feet: 5ft 5.35in,  4ft 4.36in,  3ft 3.37in,  2ft 1.98in,  7.87in

Meter: 1.66,   1.33,   1.00,   0.66,   0.20

Running Gear:

1 pair of easy-running plastic rollers, variable side flaps and continuous height adjustment

Pull Grips: 2


Level Bars:

Feet: 65' 7 3/8" (6 x 9' 10 1/8" and 2 x 3' 3 3/8")

Meter:  20 (6 x 3m and 2 x 1m) 

 Additional 40m and 60m Screed Rails can be purchased separately