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Mini Joint Filler
Mini Joint Filler

Mini Joint Filler

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Mini Joint Filler - Designed for smaller job sites to completely fill joints in one pass.  A completely filled joint is able to transmit forces from one paving stone to another and prevent the paving stones from being displayed, thus keeping the paver surface elastic.  "Mini" in the true sense of the word...for transportation and storage folds down to a small pack.  

Two rotating brush-crosses generate a slurry of sand and water allowing joints to be filled completely in one go.  Easy to use.  Seamless filling of joints without gaps on adjoining wall etc. Perfect Job!  Simple height adjustment to bring brushes into correct position for pushing in the sand. 


  • High Quality Finished Paver Surface
  • No Additional Rework
  • Fast, Cost-Effective
  • Effortless Joint Filling
  • Able to be used with or without water

Technical Data:

  • Motor:  Honda GXV160
  • Water Supply:  External Hose Pipe by adjustable valve


  • Width: 4' 
  • Depth:  29"
  • Height Operation:  38"
  • Height Transport:  23"
  • Weight:  150lbs