Using Optimas Mini Joint Filler
Optimas Mini Joint Filler
Optimas Mini Joint Filler
Mini Joint Filler for Backyard Patio

Mini Joint Filler

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Mini Joint Filler - The Fastest Solution to install joint sand for small to medium size projects. 

One person can sweep in a 39" wide path of joint filler in one pass with the gas powered Mini Joint filler expediting any project.  The two rotating brush heads ensure material is swept in from multiple angles.  Machine can be used wet or dry for pushing in polymeric sand, sand, permeable stone or water based joint fillers (Easy Joint, Romex, Nitro Sand).


  • Sweep in 2500 Sq.Ft. per Hour
  • Effortless Joint Filling
  • Able to be used with or without water
  • Easy to Clean

Technical Data:

  • Motor:  Honda GXV160
  • Water Supply:  External Hose Pipe by Adjustable Valve


  • Width: 39" 
  • Depth:  29"
  • Height Operation:  38"
  • Height Transport:  23"
  • Weight:  150lbs