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High Flow 200E

Item# 54385A

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High Flow 200E - Picks Porous and Non-Porous Products up to 440lbs!

Equip with 2 adjustable handles, pressure gauge, and eye bolt for machine lifting. Can be attached to any carrier vehicle quickly and easily.  The pads are easy to change out.  

Technical Data:

  • Drive:  Electric 110V - Draws 12.54 Amps.
  • Lifting Capacity w. largest pad:  440lbs 
  • Weight: 41lbs


Part Item# Weight Rating
High Flow 200E w. Small Pad (12 x15.75") 54385a 220 Pounds
High Flow 200E w. Medium Pad (12x 24") 54385b 330 Pounds

    IMPORTANT:  Do not leave 200E unit suctioned for more than 30 seconds at a time.  Also, do not use with water.