ES T-Handle Paver Package sold by Pave tool picks porous, Dry Cast Slabs, Pavers, T-Handle, 6x6 Pad, 10x10 Pad, 25' Hose, Quiet, Compressor Needed, No bending Over, Suction Equipment
Paver Tool Innovators ES T-Handle Paver Package D2 T-Handle with pads, venturi and hose attaches to a compressor to pick up products for the hardscaping industy.
T-Handle to pick hardscape products
ES T-Handle Paver Package D3

ES T-Handle Paver Package D3

Item# ESD3

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T-Handle Options - Great for your 3 Piece Options

Best Choice for porous/dry cast slabs and pavers!

Picks:  Natural Stone, Wet Cast & Dry Cast Slabs/Pavers


Compressor Required (not included): Recommended 8CFMs & 90 PSI for Maximum Pressure (Some smaller options may work - Give us a call and we can help)

Note:  6.5x13 Sold Separately - Click Below to be redirected