T-Handle Mac Vax System for picking porous and non porous pavers - the backpack option
The Vac Max, T-Handle and Cord Package

VME T-Handle Package VME3 - Backordered ETA 6/6/2022

Item# VME3

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The Backpack Option!

An electric (cord included) versatile application for less physical strain and no compressor needed option.  Picks Manufactured Pavers, Granite, Bluestone, Wet Cast & Natural Stone.


  1. Electric (Cord Included)
  2. Versatile Application
  3. Reduce Physical Strain
  4. No Compressor Needed
  5. Picks up to 175 Pounds - Weight limits vary pending pad size & porosity of products.


  1. Vac Max E (backpack vacuum)
  2. 50' Power Cord
  3. Adjustable T-Handle with 10 x 10 & 6 x 6 pads 
  4. Vacuum Hose
  5. T-Handle Hose

Additional Accessories:

  1. VME Caddy -Backordered
  2. ES Pad Size 6.5 x 13 - Picks up to 150 pounds

Requires 9.5 Amps to run the motor 

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