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iQ426 Hepa
iQ426 Hepa
iQ426 Hepa

iQ426 Hepa

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iQ 426 Hepa - A revolutionary multi-stage cyclonic filtration technology, the iQ426HEPA is able to intercept large sized dust particles to protect your filter. A clean filter means the iQ426HEPA continues to run strong with powerful suction.

  • 190 CFM of MAX POWER

  • OSHA Compliant for 7" Grinders
  • 50 lbs. / 10 gal. Capacity
  • iQ Smart Power Management
  • 7 Cyclones
  • HEPA & Durabond Filtration
  • QuickSpin Filter Cleaning
  • Heavy Duty Cart + Accessory Rack
  • 14 ft Anti Static Locking Hose
  • Optional Bags for Easy Disposal

Includes: 3 dust bags, cart & accessories

Replacement Accessories Available:  Vacuum Filter Kit, Hepa Filter Kit, Dust Collection Bags