Quick-E-Hammer for Hammering Quick-E-Hybrid Stakes into Quick-E-Hybrid Edging or Landscape Spikes into Edge Restraint or Quick-E-Hybrid Edge Restraint
Quick-E-Hammer, Spike Driver
Quick-E-Hammer Drill Bit, Spike Driver, Landscape Spike Driver, Spike Hammer
Quick-E-Hammer, Spike Driver



Item# NT003

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Item Description:

Designed to rapidly install steel spikes in your PVC edging.

  • Install spikes or rebar into edging
  • Proven to decrease workman's comp claims due to smashed fingers & hands
  • Alleviates tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, and fatigue
  • Increase company moral
  • The countersink design allows a 10" spike to be installed without causing the little bounce that loosens the spike & causes edging to fail
  • Hammer drill MUST BE "SDS MAX" (hammer drill not included)

Recomended hammer drill Specs:

  • At least 8.1 Ft. lbs of impact
  • At least 13 amp motor



 To use, align the nailer attachment with the top of the spike and push the power button to insert the spike.