Quick-E-BL 980, Block Clamp, Step Clamp, Curbing Clamp, BL 980, 980, Clamp
Quick-E-BL 980 for picking step treads and SRW Block
Quick-E-BL 980 used to pick granite step tread, BL-980 block clamp, Clamping tool, hardscape tool, Pave Tool Innovators
Quick-E-BL 980 with I Spacer Insert
Quick-E-BL 980 used to pick irregular shape step tread, Rosetta Step Tread, Rosetta, BL-980 block clamp, Clamping tool, hardscape tool, Pave Tool Innovator
Quick-E-BL 980 with no insert
Use the BL-980 with an excavator to lift step treads or retaining wall block easily, BL-980 Block Clamp, Lifting Tool, Hardscape Tool
Quick-E-BL 980 with Wedge Insert
Quick-E-BL 980 Spec Sheet, BL 980, Specs, Directions

Quick-E-BL 980

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Item# NT042

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Item Description:

 Pick multiple cell blocks quickly & easily

  • Move step treads front to back with minimal effort
  • Adjust quickly & easily
  • Major labor savings
  • 2 unique inserts available to accommodate different block types (sold separately)
  • Adjust from 0"- 38"
  • Holds up to 980 lbs.
  • Clamp itself weights 72 lbs.

2 Unique Inserts (click one of the links below for more information):


Quick-E-I Spacer

Quick-E-BL 980 Reinforced Replacement Pads Available.


Customer Projects:

Submitted from Twin Landscaping, Inc.:  Can't say enough good things about the pave tool product line. Totally worth the price tag all day long for the production level associated with this particular product. It's extremely fast, efficient and our employees love using it. Would recommend to anyone looking to increase production and general safety.

C Vargas Construction, LLC.:  We recently purchased the Quick-E-BL 980.Great tool, we are very pleased with it, and with all the products from Pavetool as well, make the job faster and more importantly safer for the crew. Excellent quality, great people behind it, Thank you!!!