Using the ES T-Handle with the 10"x10" Pad and ES Inline Venturi with a compressor to pick up porous material. Not Guaranteed to pick all porous material.
ES T-Handle with ES Inline Venturi
Elite Suction System T-Handle with 6"x 6" pad
10" x 10" Elite Suction System T-Handle Pad
ES T-Handle w. Venturi

ES T-Handle w. Venturi

Item# ES008a

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Item Description:

Move small porous pavers from the pallet to the laying field using a compressor.

**Not guaranteed to work on all porous material
  • Includes
    • 2 pad sizes:
      • 6" x 6"
      • 10" x 10"
    • ES Inline Venturi
  • Use with a compressor (not included) (We suggest 8 CFM and 90 PSI as minimum ratings for compressor size)