Hands Free, Remote Option, Suction Equipment, Power Pack, Granite, Bluestone, Wet Cast, Natural Stone, Housing Unit, Cordless, Batteries, 1 hr. Quick Charge, Machine Package
ES Machine Package A1R

ES Machine Package A1R

Item# ESA1R

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No Hoses Needed!  Possible for a One Man Show...

Picks:  up to 2400 lbs of Granite, Bluestone & Natural Stone


  1. ES Wireless Power Pack
  2. ES Housing Unit
  3. 2 Batteries & 1 hr. quick charger

Note:  Pads not included - Click the Pad size below to be redirected to that page

  1. ES Pad Size 12 x 12
  2. ES Pad Size 16 x 18
  3. ES Pad Size 12 x 36
  4. ES Pad Size 18 x 36