Ziplevel Pro 2000b, Ziplevel B Version
Ziplevel Pro-2000b

Ziplevel Pro-2000b


Item#: NT079

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Item Description:

ZIPLEVEL® PRO-2000B High Precision Altimeter, Replaces Rotary Lasers

  • Measure over any distance or elevation on earth, from paper thickness to the height of a mountain.
  • Fast, powerful, proven, rugged, reliable, affordable and made in the USA.
  • 75' Cord
  • Accessories not included (Boot, Unipod, Stakes)

Cut costs, boost profits and join the measurement revolution. Whether you're supplementing or replacing a laser, you can't afford to be without ZIPLEVEL®.


Same features as the PRO-2000 except:

  • 150' setup horiz. range.
  • Optional Module Boot, Unipod & Stakes.


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