Weber Compaction Equipment

The leader in soil and paver compaction equipment.

Weber MT offers a number of compaction equipment options that include: forward plate compactors, reversible soil compactors, rollers and rammers (also known as jumping jacks).

Weber MT's heavier reversible soil compactors offer the option of state-of-the-art COMPATROL. The first continuous compaction control system where the vibration of the base plate is increased or decreased based on the soil conditions. The results are displayed on the control panel and tell you when optimal compaction is reached. This allows for less reworking of an area with no over compaction, and gives a more uniform compaction due to a continuous compaction measurement.

Note on Compatrol:  The machine does not have to hit 7 - look for a consistent light, if not consistent the sub base is not structurally sound.  Every job will be different because every job has different stone, air, pressure, moisture and everyday will be different.  

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***NOTE: Most machines are directly shipped from WeberMT in Michigan. 

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