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Quick-E-Hybrid Edging aluminum edging stacked up for Open Grade Base, Permeable Base, Dense Grade Base or Landscape Solution Edging.
Quick-E-Hybrid Edging with the Quick-E-Hybrid Stake for Permeable Applications, Dense Grade Applications, Landscape Applications.
Quick-E-Hybrid Edging on a Dense Grade Application. Use a Standard Landscape Spike on a 60 Degree Angle to Stitch the Edging down into the Base. Helps prevent uplift over time.
Quick E Hybrid Edging with landscape spikes used for Dense Grade applications for no uplift edging solution
Quick-E-Hybrid Edging
Hybrid Edging showing the connection piece to connected each piece of aluminum edging together.  For a dense grade hardscape edging solution
Quick-E-Hybrid Edging Cross section of Permeable Application and Dense Grade Application.
Hybrid Edging full pallet easy stackable for storage for dense grade, open grade, permeable grade and landscape edging solutions that does not uplift in freeze or thaw cycles
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Quick-E-Hybrid Edging

Item# NT1050

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DON'T FORGET TO ORDER YOUR STAKES (For Open Grade Base/Permeable Solutions) 

1 Product = 3 Solutions

The QUICK-E-Hybrid Edging System is a simple solution allowing contractors to install edging efficiently instead of using expensive, time consuming alternatives. 

  • Use with the Quick-E-Hybrid Stake for permeable applications
  • Use with a standard spike (every third hole, 8 Spikes per 8' Length) for dense grade & landscape applications
  • 8' in length
  • Made of aluminum
  • Easy to cut and form around curves
  • Not recommended for driveways 

Size Options:

  • 25 pieces (200 LF)

Ask your Dealer Today or see our Dealer Locator at the Top of our Website for 1/2 & Full Pallets of Edging!  The Best Way to SAVE SAVE SAVE!

  • 325 piece pallet (2,600 LF) 
  • 650 piece pallet (5,200 LF) 

**Stakes Not Included

TRADE TIP:  When installing, pull out most of the #8 stone, however; try not to pull out too much as to undermine the paver.  Next, wiggle the edging down into the #8 to ensure it is tight to the pavers.  Install the Hybrid Stake vertical (if leaning occurs, start over)  When using the Quick-E-Hammer, stand on the base with your toe against the Hybrid Stake and then insert the Hybrid Stake using the hammer drill.  



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