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Quick-E-Hybrid Edging
Quick-E-Hybrid Edging with the Quick-E-Hybrid Stake for Permeable Applications
Quick-E-Hybrid Edging on a Dense Grade Application. Use a Standard Landscape Spike on a 60 Degree Angle to Stitch the Edging down into the Base. Helps prevent uplift over time.
Quick-E-Hybrid Edging
Quick-E-Hybrid Edging
Quick-E-Hybrid Edging
Quick-E-Hybrid Edging
Quick-E-Hybrid Edging
Quick-E-Hybrid Edging Cross section of Permeable Application and Dense Grade Application.
Quick-E-Hybrid Edging
Quick-E-Hybrid Edging, Quick-E-Hybrid Stake, Hybrid Stake, Stake, Edging Stake, Edging Spike, Hybrid Edging, Edging, Edge Restraint, Permeable Edge Restraint, Pave Tool, Paver Edging

Quick-E-Hybrid Edging

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The QUICK-E-Hybrid Edging System is a simple solution allowing contractors to install edging efficiently instead of using expensive, time consuming alternatives. 

  • Use with the Quick-E-Hybrid Stake for permeable applications
  • Use with a standard spike (every third hole, 8 Spikes per 8' Length) for dense grade applications
  • 8' in length
  • Made of aluminum
  • Easy to cut and form around curves
  • Not recommended for driveways 

Size Options:

25 pieces

325 piece pallet

650 piece pallet

**Stakes Not Included

TRADE TIP:  When installing, pull out most of the #8 stone, however; try not to pull out too much as to undermine the paver.  Next, wiggle the edging down into the #8 to ensure it is tight to the pavers.  Install the Hybrid Stake vertical (if leaning occurs, start over)  When using the Quick-E-Hammer, stand on the base with your toe against the Hybrid Stake and then insert the Hybrid Stake using the hammer drill.  



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