Vacu-Lift H
Vacu-Lift H

Vacu-Lift H

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Vacu-Lift H

The Vacu-Lift H is great for picking Granite, Bluestone, Wet Cast and Natural Stone using the vacuum hose lifter.  

This combination guarantees optimal logistics and economical working practices. It also protects the health of your staff.

Available with Hydraulic attachment for Loader.


  • Flexible deployment
  • Simple operation
  • Quick amortization
  • Healthy working practices
  • Motivated workers

A folding boom permits simple operation in a cramped environment e.g. against house walls or tree rows.

The mast can be hydraulically balanced in the blink of an eye to enable easy and exact positioning of heavy concrete elements in terrain.


Machine Dimensions:

88" L x 52" W x 83" H

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