Vacu-Mobile Allrounder
Vacu-Mobile Allrounder
Vacu-Mobile Allrounder

Vacu-Mobile Allrounder

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Vacu-Mobile Allrounder

Using its integrated vacuum hose lifting technology, the Allrounder performs pallet transport and weightless, exact and economical paver laying for concrete and natural stone elements of up to 300 pounds. Suitable for Granite, Bluestone, Wet Cast, Natural Stone and Dry Cast!

The compact design can be transported by trailer.


  • Versatile Application
  • Easy to Use
  • Less Physical Strain
  • No Compressor Needed

The chassis with two rubber chains enables the Vacu-Mobil Allrounder to maneuver in difficult terrain.  A folding boom permits simple operation in a cramped environment e.g. against house walls or tree rows.  The device can be stabilized easily using the four hydraulically-controllable support feet.  The very compact dimensions of the device means that no entrance is too narrow.  The mast can be folded in (requires a single person) in only a few minutes.Quick and easy release of the suction plates using the quick release plate. 

Machine Dimensions:



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