EASYJoint, Making Life EASY

The original sweep-in jointing Compound and still the best truly "All Weather Paving Joint Compound" available and made in the UK.

  • Very quick, effective and aesthetically pleasing way to fill joints between paving, be it natural stone or concrete flags.
  • Suitable for all types of paving material provided there is a gap of at least 3mm wide and 25mm deep (narrow joint compound).
  • Easy to use – simply soak the paving with water before commencing and then simultaneously sweep and wash the jointing compound into the joints, letting the water take the strain.

The result of using EASYJoint, to joint your paving, will be a paving gap that is completely filled without the need for kneeling and compressing the material by hand that will last for years. A strong joint that will resist the elements and stand the test of time - better than traditional jointing methods.

Color Guide

 EasyJoint Tips

1/8 Joint minimum required (Here at Pave Tool, we suggest a 3/16 Joint minimum for the easiest installation)

Pave Tool suggests the use of Compaction Equipment for joint integrity. 

This Product needs a "Free Draining Base", not necessarily a Permeable Base.








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