Hardscape Tip: Hire the Right Help May 13 2016

To bring your company to the next level, it's important to Hire the Right Help. Look for experienced help or young help coming out of school and educated in the Hardscape industry.

Hardscape Tip: Train Your Help May 13 2016

Not only is it important to Hire the Right Help, it's crucial to take that help and train them how you want to see projects being done. Train them on the install process. Teach them how to use the Right Tools for the Right Jobs. Teach them how to maximize the production per day. They are worthy to be taught and you're investing your hard earned profit in them.

2016 New Products December 30 2015

Quick-E-Laser Rod: Quick-E-Track Cleaner: Quick-E-Large Block Clamp: Quick-E-Aqua Packer:

Using the iQ360x on Scaffolding September 15 2015

The iQ360x Dustless Saw is perfect for cutting stone on scaffolding. It keeps the house or building you're working on free from dust and your worksite clean. It is a homerun for masons!

Using the Quick-E-Lifters August 21 2015

Tips on how to use the Quick-E-Lifters. It is a "knack". If you don't get it the first time, keep trying. You will get it. Work Smart. Not Hard. Let's work together to take the "Hard" out of hardscaping.

How to Use the Quick-E-Paver Popper August 06 2015

The Quick-E-Paver Popper has been a hot ticket lately!   There is no easy way to extract pavers from an existing patio or walkway. Here are some helpful tips along with the video on how to use our Quick-E-Paver Popper. If polymeric sand was used, pour boiling hot water on the joints around the paver to be extracted. This will help break down the polymers. Once you have the Quick-E-Paver...

Hardscape Tip: Annual Employee Appreciation Day July 31 2015

It's important to take care of our help. We have been taking our crew deep sea fishing for over 15 years now. It's a great day out of the office and off the job sites. As the saying goes, "A bad day of fishing, is better than a good day of work"

Hardscape Tip: The Benifits of Using Crushed Stone July 10 2015

Hardscape Tip: How to Tell if your Level are Accurate July 10 2015

Do not allow a job to be all graded and ready for pavers or concrete, only to find out your level was not accurate. Know how to check your levels accuracy and buy an adjustable level that will last a lifetime.

Hardscape Tip: Different Ways to Use the Quick-E-Scribes June 23 2015

Using the Quick-E-Scribes   Give your project dimension with natural stone and manufactured stone. Perfect Scribing Tool + Masonry Saw = Pristine Presentation.   Scribing a natural step into a patio. Scribing a boulder into a retaining wall.   Scribe the border in around a pool patio - set the width of your border paver, run it along your pool coping, score and cut the field pavers. Marking caps on...

Setting Irregular Steps and Stepping Stones June 12 2015

Using the Quick-E-Block Clamp and Quick-E-Slab to set irregular Rosetta steps and Techo-Bloc stepping stones. Remember guys, Work Smart. Not Hard. The man in red, has only been working at this company for 1 week. Let's take the "hard" out of hardscaping.

Hardscape Tip: Investing in Proper Compaction Equipement June 12 2015

Investing in proper compaction equipment can save you 75% of your time.   Maximize your productivity w. CF-3 Pro + CR-7 Diesel w. COMPATROL Eliminate job failure due to a weak base. Set your polymeric sand right the first time. *Easy 0% Financing for 12 months Available. (based on credit score)  CF-3 Pro: Great for setting pavers. 10-12" compaction depth max. 4,500 lbs. centrifugal force 218 lb. machine Honda Engine  ...

Quick-E-Gauge June 08 2015

When it comes to installing pavers, accuracy is vital. The use of a ruler to check gravel and sand depths often results in slightly different measurements along a single edge. The Quick-E-Gauge: Allows the installer to quickly, easily and perfectly set the height of the base or setting bed every time. Adjustable for the different thicknesses of pavers.

Cutting Indoors with The iQ 360. March 18 2015

Take it anywhere you go, save time, and save your lungs. We are currently in the midst of building a bar with a stone veneer in a basement. Having the iQ360 has saved us a tremendous amount of time. We no longer have to walk around the corner, up the stairs and through the garage to cut a piece of stone. Proven to collect 99.5% of the dust, this saw is perfect...

Color Coat Each Crew's Tools March 05 2015

At Bahler Brothers (our construction company), we find ourselves with multiple crews on a large job. When each crew has many of the same tools, it's easy to get them mixed up, or take essential tools from one crew and have it end up on another. Our job is tough enough. The wall crew does not need to get to the job and realize their Quick-E-Scribes ended up on the paver crew. It's a...

Tumbling a Split Face Block in Seconds February 20 2015

Many times we find ourselves chipping away at a split block on a tumbled wall to make it blend in. Tumbled block is made in the factory face to face, split apart, then ran through a series of chains to give it that tumbled look. Use the portable Quick-E-Tumbler to do what is done in the factory. Tumble your block in seconds.   Note: This tool is not made to...

Quick-E-Scribes November 03 2014

Allows you to transfer a cut line from a fixed edge to a paver or retaining wall surface, swiftly and without error. Transcribes a marking line from any fixed object to a concrete product that needs to be cut in.   Lightweight & portable - allows you to trace irregular shapes like natural rocks in order to perfectly incorporate them into a beautiful retaining wall or patio. Mark the properly sized retaining wall block or...
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